The Floodbots

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Thu Feb 6 11:08:03 UTC 2014

On 06/02/14 09:49, Alan Bell wrote:
> The options
> =======
> 3) we can rewrite more of the floodbot functionality into ubottu or 
> something else, aiming for feature parity at some point
>    -  this could take some time, it seems unlikely that we would get as 
> far as the existing floodbots do
> If there is a perceived view that this is not sufficient, then we will 
> consider a more complete flood protection via #3 but we do not intend to 
> reuse the current floodbot's codebase.

I've written IRC 'bot and client code many times since the 1990s and would be willing to spend time developing the ubottu code-base to include flood protection. I've spent some time hacking supybot
during the past 3 years (more off than on) for my own purposes.

An existing supybot plug-in [1] could be used as the basis for flood protection or a completely new plug-in might be desirable, depending on the state of existing code.

An importance-ordered list of requirements and nice-to-have features would be a good start if this is to be followed up.

[1] AttackProtector

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