The Floodbots

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Thu Feb 6 10:41:55 UTC 2014

Ignoring the wider problem for now I'd just like to clear up some technical

On 6 February 2014 09:49, Alan Bell <alan.bell at> wrote:

> 4) we can move to +r+z in the large channels


> We could set the channel(s) to +r+z should there be unusual activity,
> returning to the normal state of affairs ASAP.

>From :
    +r prevents users who are not identified to NickServ from joining the
channel. Users will receive a server notice explaining this if they try to
    When +z is set, the effects of +b, +q, and +m are relaxed. For each
message, if that message would normally be blocked by one of these modes,
it is instead sent to all the users who are currently set +o (channel

+z does not relax +r in any way.

If you would like to quiet unidentified users (+q $~a) then +z would mean
these messages continue to reach +o users. During an attack, +z can be
useful for a short time to allow registered users to continue to discuss
issues without seeing disruption while channel operators simultaneously
find a better solution and help quieted users who cannot be seen by anyone

Setting +z is not suitable unless you have a committed number of +o users
while it is active.

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