Voting on the IRC Council position

Alan Bell alanbell at
Fri Jun 8 16:57:51 UTC 2012

Hi all,

many of you will already have received an email asking you to vote on 
the 4 candidates for the IRC Council position that is open.
The candidates are (in no particular order)

Achim Behrens(k1l)

José Antonio Rey (JoseeAntonioR)

Cheri Francis (cheri703)

Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t)

The voters for this are the members of, that is Ubuntu Members who 
have joined that team as they consider themselves stakeholders in our 
IRC infrastructure.
If you are in that group and did not get an email with your voting 
details in it then please contact the the IRCC or pleia2 on IRC with 
your email address, some people with private email addresses on their 
launchpad page will not have a vote yet. If you are not in that group, 
but are an Ubuntu Member and want to vote then also contact the IRCC.

Results will be available after 2012-06-21 at:  <>

the candidates who are not currently members of the ops team have been 
invited into the ops team channels for the voting period so that people 
can find them, get to know them and ask questions not answered on their 
wiki pages.


I work at

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