Action taken against r00t4rd3d in #ubuntu

Terence Simpson tsimpson at
Mon Jan 17 09:57:38 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

As many of you will know, recently the user r00t4rd3d appealed against
a ban set on them in #ubuntu. The IRC Council discussed the issues
surrounding the ban, agreed that the ban was justified, and denied the
The argument that "nothing said in /msg can be used to act in a
channel" doesn't apply in this case. While the council doesn't
generally believe that channel action should be taken based only on
/msg's outside of channels, the messages in this case came as a
response to being asked to follow channel rules. This, combined with
the tone and language of the messages, subsequent evasion of bans,
threats, and the general torrent of abuse aimed at our operators,
makes the channel action against r00t4rd3d completely justified and is
supported by the council.

While sometimes, as as operator, you may come across some abuse from
users after action has been taken against them, we do not accept that
our operators should need tolerate such a level of abuse from anyone.
If you are receiving abuse, in private message or in channels, we
would request that you forward the log to the council via email[1] .

[1] irc-council at

Terence Simpson
Ubuntu IRC Council

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