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> Hiyas,
> I'm not sure if you want the long version, or a short one. So I'll do a
> short one and you can grab me for any more information that you require.
> wintermute is a project to build an AI system that will assist accessibility
> issues, along with a lot of other things. My brain is in constant melt down
> as their TL has an 'impossible' IQ of 250, how he can think in six
> dimensions gives me a headache! Their head of dev set up a load of '#' pages
> that we're now taking down and replacing with '##' pages.
> The request from their TL is for a totally silent logging bot, as someone
> said 'lol' on a one of the lab channels it was learning on and messed up 2
> weeks of work. I'd like to ask if it is possible to put the ubuntu logging
> bot on those rooms, as it is a completely silent bot and will not mess up
> weeks / months of work (The new Lab channels are going to be hidden, invite
> only and password protected).. As all their work is under GPL v3, they are
> part of UAIT and we have ubuntu people already involved, I hope you treat
> this application kindly.
> Regards,
> Phill.

If I were you, I might go the really simple route. Just grab supybot, tell it
to never respond to anything in the channel (respond privately), and enable the
ChannelLogger plugin which comes with it. Then you can do as you wish with
these logs. I do almost exactly this to log channels, post the logs publicly,
and run pisg on them. Supybot is quite silent until you add extras that make it
talk as long as you have to respond privately (which is a simple little config
option). There's even a tool to quickly build your initial config file.

Just a suggestion..

Michael Lustfield
Ubuntu Member

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