Policy on extra-namespace trolling

John Vivirito gnomefreak at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 28 09:09:33 UTC 2011

I'm good with this. just my 2cents

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 6:44 PM, Lorenzo J. Lucchini <ljlbox at tiscali.it>wrote:

> I believe a relatively important point is missing from our policy.
> It sometimes happens that someone points out in one of our channels that "a
> good flamewar is in progress in #test", or "let's all go troll #test".
> Of course that can't be acceptable, and perhaps even less appropriate is
> following suits to such suggestions. However, we don't have an explicit
> policy about this.
> Freenode itself discourages such activities, and may take actions upon
> channels that are used as "troll-pits" to some extent. I believe this
> should
> be reflected in our guidelines.
> I propose the following wording:
> "DO NOT HARASS OR INCITE HARASSMENT - Do not organize or encourage
> harassment
> of other groups or people, or take part in such activities following
> incitement coming from our channels, or after someone happens to point out
> that a given group or person is vulnerable to harassment."
> by LjL
> ljl at ubuntu.com
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