Perhaps it would be wise to open #Ubuntu-LTS?

Juha Siltala topyli at
Mon Jun 7 17:22:14 UTC 2010

Hi all,

The IRC Council discussed this issue in our last meeting [1], and I would
like to renew interest in this issue on the list. The Council did not even
try to reach consensus yet, as we wish to make certain we have all the
relevant views to guide us. Therefore, I will try and sum up the current
state of discussion (brutally briefly), and invite further comments.

At the meeting, we acknowledged that

   - there are many users who prefer to use LTS on desktop, or simply
   receive an LTS desktop preinstalled or installed by a friend, and that
   - the desktops of the helpers and the LTS users requesting support will
   be different, especially towards the end of the LTS cycle
   - #ubuntu-server can serve all server users, LTS or not

However, we were not sure whether or not this deteriorates the quality of
support. Is there concrete evidence that it does? Do we have LTS users come
to #ubuntu whom the channel is unable to help? Most importantly, would they
be better helped on another channel?

The Council is also rather conservative with any suggestion that involves
breaking up #ubuntu, as we all know already. However, we as I said, we would
like to get any additional feedback on this issue before we decide. We are
especially interested in convincing* *strong arguments *for *creating the
channel that we might not be aware of.


Juha Siltala (topyli)
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