Resignation of operator status

Richard Rudnick rich at
Mon Jan 25 18:23:13 UTC 2010

Hi to all who remember me ;)

This seems as good a time and place to formally relinquish my operator 
status. I kept thinking that I'd be returning to the channel regularly 
again, once 'X' was done, but then there was 'Y', and 'Z', and now I'm 
back at 'A'. I always wondered about nicks on that operator list I 
remembered from the past but never saw any more, and never thought I'd 
be one of them. I've turned into one, despite my best intentions.

Another reason to do this formally, now, is because the core operators 
are (once again) trying to get a grip on the behemoth ubuntu irc has 
become over the last 5 years. Some, not me, may think that 51 operators 
(about to be 50, when I drop my ubuntu-irc launchpad membership in a few 
minutes) will be able to handle it, but having an inaccurate count of 
actual, active irc ops there is certainly not going to help in any kind 
of planning. So, my final, itsy bitsy bit to help out :)

I do miss the fun and camaraderie of #ubuntu-ops at it's best and wish 
you all a successful reorganization. I'll drop into #ubuntu every now 
and then for fun, but when? Who knows.

Rich (nickrud)

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