Announcing #ubuntu-irc-helpers

idleone oneidle at
Wed Feb 3 08:08:27 UTC 2010

Hey everybody!

jussi01 asked me to post a little something about #ubuntu-irc-helpers.
So I thought about it long and hard and then he ups and blogs about
it :-) So I stole it.

John Chiazzese

Hi All,

This is something we have had in the works for a while and I hope to put
some more effort onto it soon. The #ubuntu-irc-helpers channel on
freenode has been created as a place for co-ordination and learning for
Ubuntu helpers on IRC.

The idea is its somewhat like a “backstage” to #ubuntu, #kubuntu,
#xubuntu and the other support channels, its a place to talk about the
things that are going on in these channels and help give better support.
It allows sharing of best practices, that “quiet word to someone” if
needed and even a quick prod to the ops with out using the !ops trigger.

Overall, its a place to “Help the helpers”.

There is more info on the wiki

In any case, if you help in the #k/x/ubuntu-*support channels, please
feel free to come join the channel and help make Ubuntu’s IRC a better,
more helpful place :)

Remember to read the topic on entry! :)

See you there!

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