IRC Council Meeting Minutes: 10 April 2010

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Mon Apr 12 02:32:11 UTC 2010

Irc Council Meeting, 10 April 2010

Present: Nathan Handler (nhandler), Terence Simpson (tsimpson), Juha
Siltala (topyli), Jussi Schultink (jussi01)

 * Election of a chairman for the IRCC as per the approved charrter
  * jussi01 to serve as IRCC chairman per the requirement in the IRCC Charter
 * Request: Make the kubuntu-council team ops for all kubuntu channels
  * Agree to add the Kubuntu Council team as an admin of all the
kubuntu channel op teams on LP. Note which members of the council
already have OP access and in which channels. Add all Kubuntu Council
members as OPs in the channels (+votiArf). Transition to using the
script to manage this once it is done.
  * jussi01 will make the necessary changes on LP and on IRC

Raw Logs:

Next Meeting: Sunday 25 April 18:00 UTC

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