Stepping down from the IRC team

Martin Meredith mez at
Sat Sep 5 19:11:02 UTC 2009

On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 08:01:07PM +0100, Chris Oattes wrote:
> Martin Meredith wrote:
> > But surely, more than one op retiring for the same or similar reasons is a good
> > enough reason for concern?
> > 
> > Seveas
> > 
> I thought Seveas left because he decided to ban a user forever and said
> that he would leave if the user was ever allowed back in to the channel.
> The ban wasn't as all-encompassing as he would have liked, and the user
> managed to skirt round it somehow. Seveas then assumed that he was
> unbanned by someone, and left.
> That was my understanding of the situation anyway.
> Chris (Seeker`)

As it was mine, until a conversation I had in private with someone earlier

    <Them>	Seveas
    <Me>	sev stepped down for something else completely... 
    <Me>	I think...
    <Them>	na - he wanted to go a year or two before
    <Me>	it was a bit of a weird one which I still can't get my head around.
    <Them>	he was tired fed up and so forth
    <Them>	what was
    <Me>	Seveas's leaving.
    <Them>	ahh 
    <Them>	he was fed up and just about tolerated 
    <Them>	being there
    <Them>	then someone removed NZKs ban (albeit by accident)
    <Them>	he hated nzk more than anything on planet earth
    <Them>	nzk was the excuse 
    <Them>	but the tiredness was there
    <Them>	the fedupness was there

Which was why I included him in the list
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