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I think it is excellent.
I would also add not using CTCP Ping/Finger. Some people have been rather
annoying with that in the past.

-Matthew Lye

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> I was looking at the IRC Guidelines wiki [1]. I noticed a few changes
> that I think should take place. Most of these are very trivial but add
> to an easier read. Some of these points may need some deeper discussion
> but I really feel some extra pieces need to be added. These sections
> are to guide both ops and users and to help draw a firmer line that I
> feel is being broken. - Please note that these are my suggestions and
> I'm not trying to imply anything else other than what I'm clearly
> stating.
> I also think a section should be added about specifics of language.
> I've seen many removals happen when they shouldn't and many removals
> not happen when they should for language. A clear line really needs to
> be drawn. I'm not saying we need every bad word listed.
> What I'm saying amounts to something like this. "Swearing is NEVER
> acceptable in the Ubuntu domain. Using it will result in a kick or ban,
> usually coming after a warning. However, slang is acceptable provided
> it is not in excessive use. Nobody wants to hear 'dang, [what surprised
> you]' on every line."
> The word "hell" should also be clearing defined. My personal stance is
> that the word is not ok to use. It is swearing unless you are using it
> in a religious sense. However, if this is the case, then it goes
> against the religion part of o4o. In some countries the word is only
> swearing, but then again, we're back to swearing.
> Section: Preamble
> "channel do lots of work" 'lots' should be 'a lot'
> "because they adhere" 'they' should be 'the users' because this is in a
> new paragraph and not directly implied.
> "especially since the" s/since/because/
> "Please also be aware" s/also//
> Section: Don't flood the channel
> "use the pastebin" s/the//
> Section: Bot abuse
> "or calling lots of triggers" s/lots/many/
> Section: Don't abuse the !ops trigger
> "channel abuse (flooding, trolling etc...)." There should only be one
> dot after "etc" because of the meaning of etcetera which is "and so on".
> There should also be a comma after trolling. I believe the period after
> the parenthesis should come before and not after.
> "If you do it repeatedly, you may be removed." I think this should be
> revised because unless the user is very new, inappropriate use of this
> usually results in a removal the first time.
> This may be a better option? "Abusing this trigger for other things will
> result in removal from the channel."
> Section: Here are several common questions [...]
> Change "Cursing and swearing will not help, so please don't do that."
> to "Cursing and swearing will not help; please use respectful language."
> "welcome to join the operators channel" You may want to add what the
> operators channel is within this paragraph rather than implying it in
> the next. You may also want to add a note about this being an ops only
> channel excluding issues.
> It may be a good idea to add the -irc channel as well.
> After the final section, there should probably be some added white
> space before the following paragraphs to ensure separation. I initially
> thought this was part of the same section.
> I hope these suggestions are taken in the same manner I write them and
> that many of you feel the same. Perhaps I didn't catch everything or
> correct it the best. I just read the whole thing and pointed out the
> parts that didn't flow and mentioned part I think should be added. :)
> [1]
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