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Sun Jul 26 12:11:43 UTC 2009


Very Interesting!


clue ----> 22:34 - 22:32 = < 2minutes !!!!!!!  <------ clue



I think it's funny, how after a day nobody on the council or just a regular op could give you the time of day to replay back to you nicely with some thing like, "Aw, gee thankz for the offer, but we really do not need another op right now, Have a nice Day..."


So since they don't want to come out of hiding to answer you, let me take a stab at it, hope they don't mind.

Now I'm no op, so i could be wrong! But




As I quote from it,


Don't ask for operator privileges 

Whenever #ubuntu needs new operators, we will ask the helpful and polite members of the chat whether they want to take on the responsibility. Please don't ask to become an operator or get upset if you're turned down. Being an operator in #ubuntu is not a privilege, it is a responsibility. 

I'd like to know how you know, for a fact, that there is "frequently not enough channel operators around"?

Last i saw there were all under cover!

So how do you know who they are and if they are around?


But anyways, with all that aside, between you and me bud, I'd think twice before I joined up about, Do you REALLY want to join there neo-nazism way of "Willful and malicious destruction of property; personalty." 


But hey, what do I know, this is just my humble opion, lol.


Have A Nice Day!

I.P. Daily


From: richardcavell at
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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 22:59:44 -0500
Subject: Channel operators on #ubuntu


I'm in Australia.  When I'm on #ubuntu on IRC, there are frequently not enough channel operators around to deal with trolls etc. I just want to say that if you're looking for more channel operators, please consider me. If you want to check out my work, I use the username richardcavell on, bugzilla, wikipedia, #ubuntu and


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