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> Op zondag 26-07-2009 om 11:16 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Michael
> Lustfield:
> > What I'm saying amounts to something like this. "Swearing is NEVER
> > acceptable in the Ubuntu domain. Using it will result in a kick or
> > ban, usually coming after a warning. However, slang is acceptable
> > provided it is not in excessive use. Nobody wants to hear 'dang, [what
> > surprised you]' on every line."
> > 
> > The word "hell" should also be clearing defined. My personal stance is
> > that the word is not ok to use. It is swearing unless you are using it
> > in a religious sense. However, if this is the case, then it goes
> > against the religion part of o4o. In some countries the word is only
> > swearing, but then again, we're back to swearing.
> I'd say "hell" can only be swearing _inside_ a religious context, as
> outside that context it has no (offensive) meaning (or even a totally
> different one[1]).
> Every word that somebody might perceive as "swearing" might be perceived
> exactly the opposite by others...

That's one of the reasons I see some of these words as inappropriate in
#ubuntu* channels. If it's controversial at all, it's supposed to be
> I think it's more important in what context on IRC words are used; e.g.
> if they are used explicitly to insult people, or if they are used
> excessively, that might be a reason to kick/ban.  

The opinion of only reacting to excessively seems like a bad idea to
me. I think the no matter what, bad language should be reacted to. Even
if it's just a private message explaining that it's not ok. If they
don't listen then it escalates just as any other situation.

One thing I don't want to see happening though is this: A user is
warned repeatedly for offensive language but then kicked for harmless.
I believe that a warning/silence/removal/kick/ban should only happen
on offensive words. I've seen this happen more than once. (Yes, I'm one
of them.)
> [1]
As a reply to that link:
Does that mean this is just fine and great too? - I looked at their
screenshots page and I'm actually impressed. They have some nice
graphical abilities. (until it comes to t-shirts)

In reality, that may be fine and great but I have a hard time seeing
many being ok with the idea of that existing. It's without a doubt
controversial. In my head, it's just as controversial as the Christian

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