Stepping down from user-land IRC channels.

Frode M. Døving frode at
Fri May 23 17:04:16 UTC 2008


Enjoy other things.


At Thursday 22 May 2008 17:55, you wrote:
> Hey all,
> Based on recent IRC events, both public and private, and a wish to focus 
> on other issues, I've decided to step down from regular operator duties, 
> in all user-land channels.
> I have frequented those channels less in recent months, so it makes 
> little sense for me to be one of the listed operators, and one of the 
> mediators, of those channels, and of #ubuntu-ops.
> I will still remain an op in #kubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, 
> #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-bugs, and the like (ie, developer-land).
> Thanks for all the fun times,
> Hobbsee

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