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> I can't believe anyone in the Ubuntu Community would actually suggest that
> the network staff should define and enforce
> some global set of rules for what users can and cannot say on the network.

Nobody's suggesting it - they already exist.  All that's being suggested is
that they actually be enforced as promised.  See for instance, along with the years of
experience for precedent that the other parties in this discussion have.

I also note that I count a grand total of 11 lines spoken either by or to
you in the main parts of Ubuntu namespace in the last month, zero of which
was in any of the places where the big issues at hand occurred or where the
followup discussion of this team have been.  This makes me very, very
curious on what grounds you think yourself remotely qualified to say
anything about it.

Oh, and please stop trying to shove more respected people out of our
community than have been pushed out already.  It's not appreciated.

This stuff has clearly gotten out of hand, and needs to be resolved, so
could the people who actually have a clue please suggest ways to move
forward?  One thing I'd like to bring up is that prior to the election of
the council, we were moving towards having fairly regular team meetings, but
that seems to have dropped off after that point.  When we were having those,
it helped clear the air of a lot of things that were happening at that time,
and as I recall most people had very positive feedback about that process.
I would like to propose returning to that idea, as well as participating in
the new monthly team reporting structure.  This may also be a good time to
discuss alternative designs for how to set up redundant ubotus spread across
many servers belonging to many people, as our current situation was fairly
haphazardly put together during moments of server crisis, and as we've seen
not exactly ideal.  I wish I knew a bit more about supybot, so Seveas, if
you're still reading I'd really appreciate any input you have on the bot
front, in particular relating to load balancing and how the processes behave
under load.

Tony Yarusso
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