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2008/4/29 Tony Yarusso <tonyyarusso at>:

I also note that I count a grand total of 11 lines spoken either by or to
> you in the main parts of Ubuntu namespace in the last month, zero of which
> was in any of the places where the big issues at hand occurred or where the
> followup discussion of this team have been.  This makes me very, very
> curious on what grounds you think yourself remotely qualified to say
> anything about it.

Please count again. I'm very active in several channels in the Ubuntu
namespace that has now suddenly lost services and in which
discussions have followed after he left. Also note that I'm not commenting
on the specific or issueuser that made him leave, but on
the way he left. Do you think people doesn't notice when such a well known
character leaves like that, "slamming doors and pulling
cables", so to speak?

> Oh, and please stop trying to shove more respected people out of our
> community than have been pushed out already.  It's not appreciated.

I have no idea what you're referring to. Have I tried to shove anyone out?
Quite the contrary. Seveas had already disconnected
from the network a long time before my post, and the bots with him. About my
comment regarding Hobbsee encouraging people to
leave while staying connected herself; well if that isn't hypocricy, then I
don't know what is. That's not shoving.

If trolls are a problem, and there isn't enough people to handle it, then it
seems better to seek more people than encouraging
people to leave in protest. That was my point, and now I've made it twice.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad
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