Reports of unfriendliness in the irc channel

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Sep 17 07:22:59 UTC 2007


I'm prompted by this bug to start this discussion.

When we get such reports, I feel that it's important to discuss how
they can be avoided, regardless of the specific rights and wrongs,
because if people are getting a general impression that the irc
channel is unfriendly, then it's a problem we need to solve, because
the channel is one of the faces of the Ubuntu community, and
significantly affects its reputation.

What can be done to ensure that users who are unfriendly are taken
aside and asked to improve their behaviour? Is anything currently
done? If not, perhaps teams of regulars could be involved in such a
task and some guidelines about how this could be done can be drawn up.

p.s. your mailing list main page doesn't mention that subscription is
essential and that posts from non-subscribers will be automatically
rejected: please make a note of that, I got an unpleasant surprise.
Whitelisting addresses from ubuntu/ would also be nice.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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