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Tue May 29 08:04:54 UTC 2007

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Hi all,

I have not worked this out fully however, I would like to start the ball
 rolling on the lobby / foyer concept.

My motivation is two fold, firstly the conversation in #ubuntu-devel on
Sunday, the second is that that I dropped into #ubuntu and I thought it
was too fast last night, for even a few seconds.

I have enough years on IRC to know that is a passing trend, I also read
that people are falling into #ubuntu-bugs to get advice, and into -devel.

In very simple terms this appears to me as if #ubuntu is not fulfilling
its function.

So what is the lobby or foyer concept, well it is like going to a hotel
and getting to the hotel concierge and getting simple advice from where
the dining area and some from the layout of the hotel to other places in
ubuntuland.  ;-)

You may run into an issue with regard to the amount of channels you want
to get into.

So for layout I have a simple question how many different types of
channels need to be set up.

A beginners?
A wireless?
A xorg not -effects?
Could we, nay, should we ask -effects to take on all xorg queries?
What other channels are suitable.

House rules:
If it is not in a factoid we direct people to other channels?

What would this do, well one of the paybacks is that trollish behaviour
would have less of an audience, it is hard to troll in an area where
specific questions are being asked and fielded.

We got to the point previously where we needed factoids. We build quite
a lot of factoids.

We have the international aspect -es -it etc.
BTW on this front I noted that -es was marked private surely this needs
to be stopped.

This brings me to LjL's -meta which may become the hangout for people
who want to help. Not a bad thing, but could the bot live with the load.

There seems to be some point in the calls the bots make part of python
that needs to be dug into and cleaned up.

Would this be better done on the wiki?

It is an attempt to do some knowledge capture.
For this reason, please ping the list if you add something to:


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