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Jason Ribeiro jason.ribeiro at
Sat Jan 27 23:25:25 UTC 2007

On 1/27/07, Rich Johnson <nixternal at> wrote:
> I don't mean to discredit the work of the OPs at all. I am saying the
> communications and the ambient atmosphere in there is crap. I am in there
> now
> and what would you know, relationship garbage and sex. I mean OPs or no
> OPs
> around, how are you going to control that?
They seem to be talking about vegetarianism.

I see #ubuntu-offtopic as a channel for people who like ubuntu to talk about
stuff that isn't support-related.  I've idled there for a while and sure,
sometimes there are inappropriate conversations, but I definitely wouldn't
say that's the norm.


PS nixternal: sorry about the double email message, gmail likes to default
to replying to the sender
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