Goodbye Cody Somerville

Martin Meredith mez at
Thu Jan 25 07:18:28 UTC 2007

> Wow, ok, this got out of hand really quickly. I am not primarily
> concerned with the treatment of malt. However, Cody was, and as he did
> not feel his concerns were being dealt with, he did what he should
> have done, which is take it to the Community Council.
> It is very clear to me that his punishment was because he took things
> to the Community Council, not for any other offence. As such, that is
> concerning to me. Users need to know that they are not going to get
> punished for raising a grievance with the CC. While Cody's language
> was far from perfect, it was also far from a major issue. I should
> note this is not the only time I have seen people take issues with the
> IRC operators to the CC, nor am I myself completely comfortable with
> some of the actions taken.
> For now the best thing to do is to convene a community council meeting
> and deal with this issue. One of the issues that I will raise is the
> treatment of how complaints are handled by the IRC ops team, as
> continues to be an issue, in my opinion.
> Corey

I actually agree with you Corey. I did, in reading this, think it to be
a harsh stance to be taken. While I agree, Cody was being a bit of a
pain in the neck, I don't know if I agree on the action taken against
him. After all, people can learn a lot and get put into line by being
whacked around a bit (metaphorically speaking of course)

To be honest, I've only seen what's been said in IRC, in my backlogs
(which aren't very long for -ops) and - I don't agree with Cody's
complaint to the CC, as from what I've seen, there have only been
limited attempts to discuss his issues. and also, as far as I know - no
IRC meetings have taken place.

There are a lot of things wrong with the IRC team at the moment. and
well... I disagree with anyone who says there isn't. Cody was very vocal
in putting across these opinions in IRC, which I really don't think was
the best medium to have done so in. There is a reason why we have this
list, and AFAIK - since the issues arose, we haven't had an IRC oper
meeting (I won't be able to make Tuesday - I'm working pretty much 24/7
over the next two weeks (67 hour working weeks are fun! - can someone
email me logs ?).

Anyway - I think that there have been a lot of issues lately, which have
been brought out of the woddwork by many different protagonists.

I must say - lately, it's been feeling like the IRC oper team is a
"clique" which some people just don't seem welcome in.

Anyhoo - I'm not very eloquant of late, so feel free to reply and poke
me and whatever to make me elaborate on any of my points.

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