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> Jan Vancura wrote:
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>>>>> >>>> Myself, I am very wary of taking actions in #ubuntu-offtopic, because I am 
>>>>> >>>> almost scared by the user reactions that the too often provoke. We have had 
>>>>> >>>> an example just a few hours ago.
>> > 
>> > One elegant way of solving this in hard to manage channels is to set
>> > them +m, and devoice misbehaving individuals. This is anonymous
>> > (Chanserv just removes voice, and noone will know which op did it).
> On one hand its good its anonymous ( people cant target an op for doing 
> their job ). However, i do think that we cant expect people to appeal to 
> the op who gave a ban/mute/telling off/warning if they don't know who it 
> was.
>> > 
>> > This system could be easily enhanced by setting ubotu or Ubugtu to voice
>> > anyone on join (perhaps except those that have been devoiced by an op
>> > before).
>> > 
>> > Removing voice also looks a lot less harsh than a mute (which looks like
>> > a ban), and is a lot quieter (one line instead of 3).
> but you do get an extra 'person voiced' line for /each person who joins/.
> kk
>> > 
>> > Just a suggestion. Have a look at #freenode-social (but don't have a
>> > look at the voicing mechanism, there.
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I dont think an autovoice is best idea in an Ubuntu channel. its
different and will cause alot of un-needed questions and complaints
about it example "why is -offtopic the only channel that is autovoiced"/
our answer would be? um because one or 2 users are bad apples or are
known trolls? wouldnt that be a little overboard for a couple of
users?.Than if someone on the blacklist join you will have alot of
people asking "hey why isnt joe voiced than people start thinking that
we are discrimanating against certain users (we are not) but it will
look like that to users. I dont see why mutes and bans wont work. Its
less spam in the channel and it makes a point (misbehave you will be
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