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Tue Jan 23 08:36:08 UTC 2007

Jan Vancura wrote:
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>>>> Myself, I am very wary of taking actions in #ubuntu-offtopic, because I am 
>>>> almost scared by the user reactions that the too often provoke. We have had 
>>>> an example just a few hours ago.
> One elegant way of solving this in hard to manage channels is to set
> them +m, and devoice misbehaving individuals. This is anonymous
> (Chanserv just removes voice, and noone will know which op did it).

On one hand its good its anonymous ( people cant target an op for doing 
their job ). However, i do think that we cant expect people to appeal to 
the op who gave a ban/mute/telling off/warning if they don't know who it 

> This system could be easily enhanced by setting ubotu or Ubugtu to voice
> anyone on join (perhaps except those that have been devoiced by an op
> before).
> Removing voice also looks a lot less harsh than a mute (which looks like
> a ban), and is a lot quieter (one line instead of 3).

but you do get an extra 'person voiced' line for /each person who joins/.


> Just a suggestion. Have a look at #freenode-social (but don't have a
> look at the voicing mechanism, there.

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