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Melissa Draper melissa at
Thu Dec 21 11:17:48 UTC 2006

Francis Giannaros wrote:
> Following the issues raised on the Mailing list, and following even more that 
> have just come up in a 20-minute (or so) discussion in IRC, it's clear that 
> we need to have a meeting to sort out some of these issues.
> I'm proposing 18:00 GMT, hopefully to get things cleared up/changing 
> implemented quickly. Please report on whether you'll be able to make it. The 
> meeting should be in #ubuntu-meeting I'll contact the fridge after feedback 
> on the time, and make an appropriate wiki entry with a schedule of items to 
> discuss, but here's a quick list for now: 
> * Transparency in Ubuntu Operators Actions. Which might include:
>     * allowing idlers?
>     * more open discussion on the ML?
>     * public logs?
>     * Bantracker logs public somewhere?
> * Transparency in IRC Council Meetings
> * Procedure with Ubuntu cloaks
> * Any other issues
> Hope to see you all there.
> Regards,
> apokryphos.
Would someone who was present at the meeting like to write up a

Yes, I know there's logs, but it would be nice to have the meeting
result in a nice concise form to look back to.


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