Attack at the council

Anthony Vickers anthony at
Mon Dec 18 18:27:03 UTC 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> Hello all,
> The threads from today very much look like an attack against Paul and
> myself, which is very unfair and equally unexpected, since noone voiced
> any concerns before (only Lorenzo did and he is smart enough not to
> participate in this attack).
> Let me respond to the things said in both threads:
> Yesterday, 'bigfuzzyjesus' was banned by ompaul and myself for wishing I
> would get AIDS. Subsequent ban avoiding and continuously asking when th
> ban would be removed, got us fed uo enough with him to ban him from the
> -ops channel as well. At which point Cody twisted his pants and acted
> similar to 'bigfuzzyjesus'. Then this whole crapola started.
> And now I'm being accused of being a dictator ("if Seveas doesnt like
> it, then it doesnt happen"), being unfair and being a bad op.
> Thank you for not trusting! We already lost Paul with this behaviour and
> I'm not at all sure whether I want to continue when people rather accuse
> than discuss.
> And FYI: I've always been against an -ops channel, against disabling
> logging and maing it semi-private. But hey, sometimes others have ideas
> and I trust them... That cannot be said of many of you...
Very good points there. It's important not to get bogged down into this 
particular issue but instead focus on the causes of it. Blame helps 
no-one. Identifying intrinsic problems in how things are done helps us 
all though. I'd like to say, I think you all do a difficult job and I 
really admire your commitment. You especially Seveas.

We're all human beings and have the failings that go with it. Power 
corrupts and all that. Much of the issues are down to perceptions of 
double standards and rights of recourse. There's no need for anyone to 
be pointing a finger at anyone else. The problems are with the system, 
not with any one of you. You're wonderful people who give so much. 
You've got big hearts and I know that none of you have the wish to hurt 
the hearts of others. If my users' council idea is a bad one or ill 
timed I've no problem with being told that but please, let's fix it one 
way or another. I don't like you all falling out. You really all are 
wonderful people.

Love and best wishes,


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