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> Hello all,
> The threads from today very much look like an attack against Paul and
> myself, which is very unfair and equally unexpected, since noone voiced
> any concerns before (only Lorenzo did and he is smart enough not to
> participate in this attack).
> Let me respond to the things said in both threads:
> Yesterday, 'bigfuzzyjesus' was banned by ompaul and myself for wishing I
> would get AIDS. Subsequent ban avoiding and continuously asking when th
> ban would be removed, got us fed uo enough with him to ban him from the
> -ops channel as well. At which point Cody twisted his pants and acted
> similar to 'bigfuzzyjesus'. Then this whole crapola started.
> And now I'm being accused of being a dictator ("if Seveas doesnt like
> it, then it doesnt happen"), being unfair and being a bad op.
> Thank you for not trusting! We already lost Paul with this behaviour and
> I'm not at all sure whether I want to continue when people rather accuse
> than discuss.
> And FYI: I've always been against an -ops channel, against disabling
> logging and maing it semi-private. But hey, sometimes others have ideas
> and I trust them... That cannot be said of many of you...
> -- Dennis K. Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

Ok i have tried to stay out of this as much as possible but here we go.
Once the ban was made on the user IT SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THERE. if you
have a problem with an op and you cant get through to him you try
another op. Please read the Coc and the guidelines for further info on
that. Cody should not have kept it going at all.
Here are my suggestions:
1. rethink the way people become ops. At one point it was up to the CC
and as for me and a few others were given ops for a few days to see how
they handled it.

here is the section on
i am refering to

> f you disagree with the decision of an operator, then talk to him about it in a polite manner. Cursing and swearing will not help, so please don't do that. If talking to the operator personally does not give you a solution you like, you are more than welcome to join the operators channel.

Now what can we do about what already took place. im saddened to say
nothing really. I do believe hawkwind didnt know the ML was as public as
it is and i do believe jenda was acting for hawkwind (just a side note
please do things yourself so others dont get the blunt of the crap)

Ompaul is a close frend of mine and he is one of the biggest reasons i
got inviolved (seveas was another one) and no this is not to blame
anyone at all or make them feel bad but we just lost a long time member
and op that has done alot for the ubuntu community including make his
own distro. i believe things really need to be looked at alot more
closely on everyones part. but keep inmind everyone is human and noone
is perfect.

I can honestly say i am appauled at what i read int he logs that were
first posted in the way somerville handled himself. I dont know who gave
him ops or how he got it but i really think he should reread the rules
on how to handle some situtations. again this is not to anger people but
it was poorly handled and needs to be handled now.

About the council of non ops. I think this is a bad idea because if they
were trusted enough to be in that position than they would be trusted
enough to be ops. I think the IRC council we have now will be fine once
we get all members of it once again and they are active. You will not
always see a council member online at the time of a debate but they WILL
look over the logs or another way get the info they need to rectify the
issue at hand just dont expect it to happen right away. even calling EMS
it takes them a while to get to where you live depending on wher eyou
live. The council can have meetings every 2 weeks or as nessicary to
clear up issues or debates that happened since past meetings. These
problems dont occur often so i dont see a need to meet everyday.
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