Attack at the council

Francis Giannaros francisg at
Mon Dec 18 18:20:26 UTC 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 17:56, Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> Hello all,
> The threads from today very much look like an attack against Paul and
> myself, which is very unfair and equally unexpected, since noone voiced
> any concerns before (only Lorenzo did and he is smart enough not to
> participate in this attack).

For the record, absolutely nothing in my idea about the meeting was meant to 
target you or ompaul (in fact, it's quite the opposite, since I was 
attempting to explain some of the decisions we made in the past). There was a 
discussion in -ops about the channel being logged (where I explained why it 
wasn't being publically logged currently), which lead to another discussion 
and questions about keeping it open (which again I explained why it was such 
currently). I tried to answer a lot of the questions but like I said -- it's 
not entirely good enough as I think we need to discuss these issues as a 

I'm not sure that I disagree with anyone's behaviour completely at this point, 
or that anyone's done anything majorly wrong. I'm just thinking there are 
some outstanding issues, and the best way to get them resolved is to discuss 

Can you make the meeting, Seveas?

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