IRC Council, Appeal resolution

Anthony Vickers anthony at
Mon Dec 18 17:31:02 UTC 2006

Cliff Wade wrote:
> I really hope we can all get past this incident that has occured
> recently and all get back to getting along as a team and working
> together.  I really hate to see this kind of arguing/disagreement
> within a team that is very important to the *Ubuntu community.  We
> can't let this get the best of us and then let it affect the rest of
> the community.  We all need to pull together as one big happy
> team/family and figure out what we need to do to fix this one at hand,
> and to try and prevent these types of things from happening in the
> future.
I agree and I should like to point out that I consider myself part of 
the team/family although I'm not an op and have no wish to be one. I'm 
not at all keen on the polarisation that the @ symbol or lack there-of 
gives to a channel. I've seen it before, channels with 50 ops and 5 
users who aren't part of the team/family. Another thing I'd like to 
point out about kicking/banning is that in some it will induce not fight 
or flight but a lust for the @ next to their own nick. I'm not saying 
you're all so base but there have been times I've witnessed where 
kicking/banning has been done with relish.

I think op status should be considered a responsibility and not a 
privilege. It should be carried out with transparency and with a right 
to recourse. Who polices the police? I suggest #ubuntu-ops and this list 
be open to all and disputes be redirected according to my suggestion for 
a practitioners' or perhaps better named users' council. If ompaul, you 
have resigned your ops and you're still reading this list, I suggest you 
would be an excellent candidate for this council. Your insight and 
neutrality would be a great asset in restoring balance to the force ;)

Best Regards,


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