[Ubuntu-ir] Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course - IT's HERE!!

Platoali platoali at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 16:21:01 GMT 2008

On Do shanbe 01 Bahman 1386, Mehdi wrote:
> Would you please post the list of books that you think have higher priority
> > for translation.
> I think this one is more official, userfriendly, complete and new! so seems
> the best one to me.

Ok, I'm going to start the translation of the first chapter  tonight. I will 
post my works on wiki so others can edit and comment. Is there anybody want 
to help? 

> All the books I've seen are Ubuntu not Kubuntu books, but maybe this guide
> ( http://www.kubuntu.com/doc/7.10/index/C/index.html) is a good one
> with proper license.



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