auto url - no d-i/suite prepend

Carl Karsten carl at
Tue Jun 20 04:14:25 UTC 2017

summary:  I want this:
d-i preseed/run string /ec/
to do this:


dd to usbtick, mount, edit syslinux.cfg

APPEND auto=true fb=false url=twist:8000

boot -
twist serves up:
/d-i/stretch/preseed.cfg  (good)

which has:
d-i preseed/run string /ec/

which tries to get:

Which is not what I want.  I want:

Is there something I can put for preseed/run to make that happen?

reading these docs:

I get the feeling I have to touch url= or such that will break the
/d-i/stretch/preseed.cfg bit.

I also don't want to do stuff on the server side with symlinks or

I can just do this,
preseed/early_command ... wget http://$url/ec/; run it...

Carl K
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