Customizing LiveCD installer

Daniel John FitzGerald basicmanfitz at
Fri Aug 20 13:24:10 BST 2010


I'm customizing an Ubuntu Lucid LiveCD for my team of software
developers; the idea is to demonstrate to a team of mainframe developers
how Linux could be used to take care of all of their daily development
tasks.  Should they choose to install Ubuntu off of the LiveCD, it would
be installed with all of the custom software I set up and everything
needed to make the workstation corporate security-compliant.

There are a number of corporate security packages that I don't want to
be installed onto the LiveCD but would want the Ubuntu installer to pick
up when installing off of the LiveCD.  For instance, virus scanning
software and security software that would impact the performance of the
LiveCD, but that I would want included in any installation off of the

How could I hack the LiveCD to either (1) include the desired pacakages
uninstalled and then pick them up during the installation process, or
(2) have the Ubuntu installer fetch them from our corporate


Dan FitzGerald

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