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Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Tue May 26 18:59:02 BST 2009

Hello, installer people!

It is a bit odd to be posting about such artsy stuff in the installer,
but that's where the discussion is!

I have a suspicion someone else is about to kick off another project for
building Ubiquity Slideshow content, so before we end up with two
conflicting projects I should point out the one I am maintaining. (I
don't remember if I pointed it out before). I recently moved to basing
it on web technologies; XHTML, CSS and Javascript. This corresponds with
a (not quite finished and untested) branch of Ubiquity over at

The actual slideshow content project is at

This way, all Ubiquity has to do is embed Slideshow.html using Webkit
and it's done! Of course, I'm hoping to add some goodies where Ubiquity
could communicate to the slideshow's Javascript and tell it how much
time it has and when to jump to the end slide. Also in need of slight
reorganizing for packaging / multiple slideshows; and extra work for
localization, which is one of the wonderful things the HTML technique
can allow us.

I think it makes a lot of sense to keep the slideshow project very, very
detached from the rest of Ubiquity. This way it's portable and
everything is available at a glance. 

I'm assuming, possibly dangerously, that a new webkit dependency will be
met in the live CD since GNOME is doing lots of new stuff with it. (If
not, we have Mozilla).

Thanks to rugby471 there are actually quite a lot of slides now, some
NICE screenshots and smart design.
There's even documentation, so hopefully it'll be easy to jump in :)

Dylan McCall
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