Ubiquity plugins review

Michael Terry michael.terry at canonical.com
Wed Aug 26 05:09:14 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-08-25 at 15:32 +0100, Evan Dandrea wrote:
> Having a ordering system codified in a prefix of the filenames strikes
> me as making the tree look a bit more complicated than it is.
> Personally, I would add a WEIGHT field alongside BEFORE and AFTER, but
> I'm fine with the way you've approached the problem.

My branch is converted to WEIGHT.  The plugin filenames are much more
understandable now, and order resolution is more intuitive.  Thanks for
the idea.

> There's a slight typo at the bottom of the console_setup and timezone
> plugins.  It should be InstallPlugin.install(self, target, ...)
> import usersetup_apply is missing from scripts/install.py and
> self.get_language needs to be replaced with self.locale.split('_')[0]
> in kde_ui.

All fixed in my branch.

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