Answerfile with netboot image...

Fredrik Jonsson fredrik.jonsson at
Fri Nov 7 10:14:15 GMT 2008


My name is Fredrik Jonsson and i am a Ubuntu Deployment geek. :)
I wonder why the Ubuntu netboot image dosent have support for answer files (kickstart/seed) on CD and only via HTTP/FTP over network.
I think this feature should be available for the netboot image just like as it is in the alternate installer CD. It would simply deployments from USB drives, custom made netboot CDs and in environments without DHCP, such as many DMZ. It whould also be great for people who want to deploy using the official repositories but that dosent have access to an internal (or public) web server to store the answer file.

Will this ever be possible with the netboot image? :)

Many thanks and kind regards!

// Fredrik "DXter" Jonsson

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