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Tue May 6 16:07:05 BST 2008

Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>> I take it that 'boot.efi' isn't easily redistributable however?
> "boot.efi" is a gray area, one needs the specific "boot.efi" that the
> AppleTV uses, others from Intel Mac desktop boxs will not work as the
> AppleTV EFI firmware does and integrity check which includes checking
> encoded certificates.
> As an owner of an AppleTV, one has the perfect right to have the file.
> This includes extracting it from an downloadable AppleTV update from an
> Apple update server. Bundling it with a download or install is the gray
> area.
> This is similar to ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper is a wireless driver for
> broadcom device that wraps a Windows driver to provide a wireless driver
> under Linux for broadcom devices. The integration of the Windows driver
> has to happen under the user side as ndiswrapper cannot distribute the
> Windows driver.
> Now, Apple has said very shortly after releasing the AppleTV that they
> don't care what you do with it, it's your hardware, just mind the
> warrantee (ie. if you open it and it breaks, too bad). I'm not sure how
> they would react to a request to re-distribute this file. I am a
> "Select" Apple developer, been one for about 15 years. I could send a
> request up the "proper channels" and see what happens.
Traditionally, I wouldn't expect them to react well as you went through the
'proper' channels on this one.  For now, I think a small enablement python
script would suffice.  Throw a shiny pyGTK wrapper on it with a big "do stuff"
button, and get it in apt.

I think that would be a sufficient area for now, particularly because the
"useful" factor on these boxes leans more towards the Mythbuntu end rather than
the Ubuntu end.  Folks who will be installing on them will already have a
backend setup somewhere running some variety of Linux for a backend, so it makes
sense to make this special flash drive image from there.

Mario Limonciello
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