Installer kernel command-line options

Scott D. Davilla davilla at
Tue May 6 16:12:52 BST 2008

>Traditionally, I wouldn't expect them to react well as you went through the
>'proper' channels on this one.  For now, I think a small enablement python
>script would suffice.  Throw a shiny pyGTK wrapper on it with a big "do stuff"
>button, and get it in apt.

My thoughts exactly, they are turning a blink eye toward "boot.efi" 
extraction, they know it's going on but they don't care. Asking for a 
official redistribution license is completely different issue.

>I think that would be a sufficient area for now, particularly because the
>"useful" factor on these boxes leans more towards the Mythbuntu end 
>rather than
>the Ubuntu end.  Folks who will be installing on them will already have a
>backend setup somewhere running some variety of Linux for a backend, 
>so it makes
>sense to make this special flash drive image from there.


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