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Mario Limonciello superm1 at
Tue May 6 08:48:16 BST 2008

Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>> As Scott indicated to me off list, this boiled down to missing the .disk/
>> directory when copying the ISO.
>> Scott,
>> Regarding atv-bootloader, where does the initial bootstrap code sit? 
>> It would
>> be great if this first portion of the code was integrated into live
>> disks so
>> that it's a smaller barrier to overcome when folks are installing onto
>> an AppleTV.
> Not sure this is possible, atv-bootloader requires a GPT partitioned
> disk with a special GUID that indicates to the AppleTV EFI firmware ->
> boot this. Ubuntu/Muthbuntu has no problem with GPT formats (installing
> or running) and the small partition that atv-bootloader lives in can be
> in any partition order (first, middle, last).
> As far as atv-bootloader goes now, it's a simple un-tar and copy (with
> boot.efi) into the special partition. We are also working on a proper
> disk image that can be "dd" to a USB flash drive to get initial
> atv-bootloader boot. Things are still in flux. The "dd" would get around
> requiring the patched parted. Hardy already has hfs tools (hfsprogs) so
> that does not need to be downloaded/patched and built anymore.
> One could have an iso that they mount, "dd" atv-bootloader disk image to
> flash, this disk image would also have a partition to copy the iso
> contents into. Once done, boot via atv-bootloader which then auto-boots
> the installer. The atv-bootloader disk image is pretty small right now,
> 5.8MB. This is a disk image of a 1GB USB flash drive. ATV-Bootloader
> lives in a 25MB partition with plenty of room to spare. The whole
> process including downloading and extracting boot.efi could be automated
> with a pretty simple script.
I take it that 'boot.efi' isn't easily redistributable however?

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