Installer kernel command-line options

Scott D. Davilla davilla at
Mon May 5 21:17:37 BST 2008

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>On Mon, 2008-05-05 at 14:35 -0400, Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>>  Where can I find a doc or source files that describes the Ubuntu
>>  specific kernel command-line options in detail. There's not much
>>  available via google searchs. This information seems to be difficult
>>  to find.
>Assuming you're talking about kernel command line options for the
>desktop CD, these are not well documented at the moment, so I have
>started to do so here:
>and have linked to it off the main Ubiquity page:

Thanks, this gets me pointed in the correct direction.

The issue at hand is installing Ubuntu from an iso or iso contents 
placed on a USB flash drive on the AppleTV. I can install fine from a 
USB cdrom. A USB flash install should work as others are doing this 
on conventional PC hardware. The AppleTV is not conventional PC 
hardware (no PC BIOS) but can be made to look like conventional PC 

I've created atv-bootloader that handles the boot details and chain 
boots a Linux kernel with small initramfs and it uses kexec to boot a 
"real" kernel. In this case it's the kernel/initrd from the LiveCD 
iso contents.

This does boot but the LiveCD root file system cannot be found and I 
drop to the initramfs prompt. The internal PATA disk and USB flash 
disk are being probed but the Ubiquity/Casper? can't find the root 
file system.

So I'm looking for a command-line param that says "look at /dev/sdb2" 
for the iso or iso contents.


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