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Scott D. Davilla wrote:
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>> On Mon, 2008-05-05 at 14:35 -0400, Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>>>  Where can I find a doc or source files that describes the Ubuntu
>>>  specific kernel command-line options in detail. There's not much
>>>  available via google searchs. This information seems to be difficult
>>>  to find.
>> Assuming you're talking about kernel command line options for the
>> desktop CD, these are not well documented at the moment, so I have
>> started to do so here:
>> and have linked to it off the main Ubiquity page:
> Thanks, this gets me pointed in the correct direction.
> The issue at hand is installing Ubuntu from an iso or iso contents 
> placed on a USB flash drive on the AppleTV. I can install fine from a 
> USB cdrom. A USB flash install should work as others are doing this 
> on conventional PC hardware. The AppleTV is not conventional PC 
> hardware (no PC BIOS) but can be made to look like conventional PC 
> hardware.
> I've created atv-bootloader that handles the boot details and chain 
> boots a Linux kernel with small initramfs and it uses kexec to boot a 
> "real" kernel. In this case it's the kernel/initrd from the LiveCD 
> iso contents.
> This does boot but the LiveCD root file system cannot be found and I 
> drop to the initramfs prompt. The internal PATA disk and USB flash 
> disk are being probed but the Ubiquity/Casper? can't find the root 
> file system.
> So I'm looking for a command-line param that says "look at /dev/sdb2" 
> for the iso or iso contents.
> Scott
As Scott indicated to me off list, this boiled down to missing the .disk/
directory when copying the ISO.


Regarding atv-bootloader, where does the initial bootstrap code sit?  It would
be great if this first portion of the code was integrated into live disks so
that it's a smaller barrier to overcome when folks are installing onto an AppleTV.


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