mix raid/lvm in preseeding

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Tue Dec 16 00:43:05 GMT 2008

Luke Yelavich wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 03:09:27PM EST, Aaron Toponce wrote:
>>> /me wants to put /boot on its own raid1 md device and then chuck the
>>> rest of the available disk space of the disks into another raid1 md
>>> device and then use that as the pv of a vg and then carve up that vg
>>> into swap, /, /var and so on.
>> All of this is totally doable, however, a warning with /boot. Although
>> you can do this, you MUST be running GRUB version 2 or newer, otherwise
>> you'll have to use LILO, which means you'll lose usplash, among other
>> things. If you still want GRUB, then /boot will need to be on a native
>> ext2/ext3 partition.
> At least on intrepid, on my server now, this is not entirely true. I have /boot sitting on a Linux RAID1 partition, and grub seems to read from it just fine. The version of grub in Intrepid is not version 2 either.


I believe Aaron mistook the setup I wanted as being /boot on lvm.

If the kernel and initrd image are on lvm, grub2 would be required.

BTW, do you use preseeding? If you do, where can I get a comprehensive 
list of commands supported by d-i?



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