Remaining i18n problems in ubiquity for hardy

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Fri Apr 4 16:51:36 BST 2008


In case you have time, these are the remaining ubiquity i18n problems
I see currently (Kubuntu installer not tested for a while, I think it
has more issues):

- Bug #144741: Untranslated strings in manual partitioning window

- Bug #203907: Hardy's migrate tool lacks translations/i18n
(Evan Dandrea has assigned himself to this)

- Bug #203909: Network Proxy settings in Advanced dialog lack translations/i18n

Bonus bug (more complex issue so not really for hardy unless you do
something magically clever and simple):
- Bug #81683: language packs are not installed if network is not
available during install
ie. silently failing and not offering further help if language support
for person's language was not installed

Anyway, thanks for your hard work and one really great improvement in
hardy was this automatic language selection dialog in the boot menu,
so people do not need to push F2.


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