help with package configuration in kickstart

Rohit Kumar Mehta rohitm at
Mon Jun 18 21:24:14 BST 2007

Hi I have kickstart automatic (noninteractive) installation working in 
Feisty. Thanks Colin!

However, I am having some trouble configuring machines the way I want 
them.  I am wondering what the *best way* to do what I want is.

Eventually we want to have a kickstarted machine configured with NIS, 
kerberos, autofs, and kerberized nfs.

Right now I am just trying to get NIS to install properly.

The packages section works great.  In my ks.cfg I wrote:


And both openssh-server and nis get installed.

However nis does not get configured properly creating problems. I also 
have the following lines in my ks.cfg:

preseed openssh-server  ssh/new_config  boolean true
preseed openssh-server  ssh/use_old_init_script boolean true
preseed openssh-server  ssh/encrypted_host_key_but_no_keygen    note
preseed openssh-server  ssh/disable_cr_auth     boolean false
preseed nis     nis/domain      string

I believe the last line (the one with nis in it), should write 
"" into /etc/defaultdomain.  Is this correct?  If not,
is there a way to do this?  My alternative is to simple take care of all 
the configuration in the %post section of the installer.  I do have to
write the yp.conf in the %post section.

Still, I was wondering if I am doing anything obviously incorrect with 
the line:
preseed nis     nis/domain      string

Also is there a way I can avoid installing @ubuntu-desktop?  It would 
make my testing go a LOT faster!

Thanks for any help!


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