[ubuntu-in] General Question About Linux - Would there be any kind of Computer Users you would not introduce to Linux

Ramnarayan.K ramnarayan.k at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 19:10:36 BST 2010


I know , I know this is kind of OT, but please bear

For some time now i have been grappling with the feeling that maybe ,
just maybe its better to leave some users to Wincedows or whatever
propreitory OS and hardware they are on.

Its been a passion of mine to talk about FLOSS and introduce people to
Linux. Through the work i do, presentations etc. The values  of free
(as in speech), transparent, intrinsically honest (open) and
democratic  are something we could learn from and carry on to everyday
life. In fact i wish life we more like FOSS / FLOSS software. FOSS
Theory and practice i a couple of light years ahead of what we humans
would like to achieve in our society, which sadly is in an advanced
stage of selfish depravity.

These FOSS values, and of course the fact that its technologically
very advanced and its free and can be passed around without fear of
being called a thief adds immensely to its values.

But after about 6 years of spreading foss around have begun to wonder
if its worth it to try and pass it on to everybody. Some people we
have to leave out - those whose office allows only some kinds of tools
(for privacy, security -ha ha ha, etc) But my frustration is with
those plain lazy ones, who can't be bothered about the Philosophy or
the cool software and don't want to make "any effort" to change, even
though their computers go down every week, or they spend hours
browsing scary sites or they lose data and have not way to recover it
and even though there are people willing to literally hand hold them
through every stage.

Introducing any one to any Linux is an involved affair, one can't
leave them after the install one has to be available for some kind of
support till they are ready to graduate to a forum (since many forums
ain't so helpful to new comers). Personally i am willing to take this
pain, because the end result will be a far happier person with far
more secure software. But I am ready to give up on the lazy ones who
like the idea but won't do a damn. (maybe i should introduce them to
damn (that) small linux)

So what kinds of people would you not introduce to linux


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