[ubuntu-in] Eroor at the time of booting, Grub Error.15

Ravi Joshi ravi.joshi53 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 13 11:48:06 GMT 2009

    I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 some day ago.Before installing Ubuntu9.10 i have Ubuntu9.04,BT4(KDE,Ubuntu8.10)and WindowsXP installled in my laptop.At the time of installing Ubuntu 9.10 i have checked in the icon Install Boot Loader.After complete installation when i restart my laptop it is showing grub error 15 at the time of booting.
     I restart my laptop and login it using Ubuntu Live CD and there is nothing at the location boot/grub/ . No menu.lst file found.I tried to copy it from BT4(KDE,Ubuntu8.10) and paste it at the location boot/grub/ but i have no permission to paste on this location.
     What should i do to boot my all OS?

-Ravi Joshi

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