[ubuntu-in] Request for ubuntu Goodies

Rohit Gupta rohit.kgec at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 08:17:55 BST 2009

>Ubuntu-in can provide you help as much as you want.
We would like to avail all these helps.

2009/4/12 "Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)" <mail at manishsinha.net>:
> I can understand this, but we too have a LUG in our college and we had
> to finally publicize that we are here for people hunting for knowledge
> and not for people who come for materialistic gains. We even frowned
> upon the certificates distribution since it hardly carries any weight.
> As I told in the above paragraph, we were also skeptical that people
> won't like the events without goodies. If you want to give them an
> inspiration, then better help them out personally. I mean going to them,
> discussing about their experiences, their problems, the future plans.
> That's counts more and gives a personal touch.
> All the above lines I stated above is all from my personal experiences,
> you can try them out. Success/Failure depends on the type of public that
> attends the meet.

Yes that's true.
We are also trying to help as many people we can and give them
support. The goodies are for the event and to promote different Linux
distributions in our college.
As we said, this is the beginning, we have very few power Linux users
here. The total number of Linux users is also few. We are increasing
in number and ubuntu has a great role behind that.
As you also said, goodies should be a part of event, we want it. If
you can help us, it will also mean we are not alone. We have the
Community to help us. We would also like ubuntu people to join our
mailing list:
Thank You,

Rohit Gupta

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