[ubuntu-in] Request for ubuntu Goodies

Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 09:19:42 BST 2009

Rohit Gupta wrote:
> Well, some of us have really got your CD's shipped and are using it.
> yes the the waiting time is there but it helps users who have limited
> or no internet connection.
The problem is not the Cost involved or the time but the 6 months 
release cycle of Ubuntu that makes a shipped CD becomes obsolete pretty 
fast unless it is a LTS release. Secondly, punching CDs locally is much 
cheaper and faster than shipit. It also encourages local resources to 
become aware of Ubuntu and GNU/Linux.
> ok.
> but by goodies we also mean stikers, badges, cups, t-shirt or just
> anything with ubuntu flavour in it. These goodies will be given to
> participants in our event. We request you to help us with anything.
> These goodies are a source of inspiration for GNU/Linux.

Am afraid Canonical does not send free goodies like badges, cups or tees 
even to loco teams. These are merchandise items and max possible is they 
may be available for lesser price. We used to get limited number of 
stickers and sometimes pens but am not sure even about them. It is very 
economical to print stickers ourselves as we did during foss.in 2007. If 
you're interested we would be able to share the sticker designs with 
you. But there are certain design guidelines when creating derivatives 
out of Ubuntu logo, please read them carefully and follow them if you 
are going to design yourselves.

Am not sure whether amachu aka Sri Ramados is a part of this list but 
you can find him in Ubuntu Tam (Tamil) Team. He is aware of resources 
for punching CDs locally as well as goodies like pens, etc.

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