[ubuntu-in] Fwd: Introducing the Jaunty Jackalope

Vishal Rao vishalrao at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 08:20:56 BST 2008

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 10:53 AM, Aanjhan R <aanjhan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Its Jaunty Jackolope next!!!

In the link http://www.jonobacon.org/?p=1278 a bunch of topics are mentioned.

    * Networking
    * Power Management
    * Desktop Experience
    * Booting
    * Hardware Support
    * Sharing and Backup
    * Desktop Configuration
    * Server Configuration
    * Network Authentication
    * Security
    * Community
    * Mobile
    * QA
    * Other

Intrepid is already looking for me (wireless support) and I'm looking
forward to a slicker desktop (and mobile) experience (look n feel) for
Jaunty, like the SABDFL earlier mentioned Linux needs to look better
than Mac OSX to gain share :-)

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