[ubuntu-in] Dell and Ubuntu!

Biswajit Dutta Baruah indianorthodoc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 13:25:47 BST 2008

@Onkar: Well, my point was that Vostro is listed under the buisness
category alongwith XPS, Latitude and Precison while Inspiron/XPS under
the home( Home/Home & Office, rather - whatever that means) category in
the Dell website. If Dell is going to offer Vostro laptops with ubuntu
pre loaded I will be very happy compared to all those blissfully unaware
around me. Unfortunately even as I write the laptop in question (Vostro
A series )is mentioned but cannot be configured, and so I assume cannot
be ordered. Also the fact that it will be unsupported will not find many
takers, especially in India. SaaS is a new concept, and it will be some
time before people here adapt to it. But I completely agree that ubuntu
is a wonderful OS and I use nothing but ubuntu at home and in the

@List: But to shift the focus a little away, here is something
intresting that i read:

There are a few other links following the translated story on a similiar
vein! For myself, I think its too late to try this. But for new buyers
this may be useful.


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