[ubuntu-in] [OT][crosspost]India's First Freedom Toaster Released

Anoop John anoopjohn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 18:15:13 BST 2008

Dear All,

GNU/Linux users group, Trivandrum (www.ilug-tvm.org) and Zyxware
Technologies are conducting a 5 day install fest at
Technopark,Trivandrum, primarily targeting the IT professionals
working at Technopark.This 5 day mega install fest is being conducted
at Park Center, Technopark, Trivandrum from September 1-5. With this
event we at GNU/Linux users group, Trivandrum, hope to carry the
message of Free Software aggressively to one of the largest IT parks
in the country.

We have also released India's first Freedom Toaster during the
inauguration of this Install fest. This Freedomtoaster was designed
and developed by Zyxware Technologies and is being jointly promoted
with GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum. You can read more about it and
check out available resources and photos at www.freedomtoaster.in.

The whole concept was based on the original Freedomtoaster developed
by the Shuttleworth Foundation. A Freedom Toaster is basically a self
contained kiosk that will burn any one of the free software
distributions onto user supplied optical media. The freedom toaster
serves as an easy way to distribute free software(mainly GNU/Linux
distributions). Such a dispensing mechanism is highly relevant in a
country like India where unlimited broadband internet is not exactly
cheap, whereas the chief source of free software remains the internet.
The freedom toaster intends to bridge that gap and thus make free and
open source software easily accessible to the public, minimal human
intervention being an added advantage.

Along with the install fest we are also conducting a technical seminar
series on various Free Software topics. Also visitors will have the
opportunity to try out different GNU/Linux distributions and also many
software including popular Free Software games. There will also be
opportunities for visitors to get their questions regarding free
software applications answered by experts. Kerala State IT Mission,
SPACE Kerala and FSF India are the other partner organizations who are
behind this and BSNL is sponsoring the event. Together, we have been
successful in organizing similar events in the city this year.

We hope that, the event and our freedom toaster initiative will get
support from all like minded people all over the country and hopefully
this will become an inspiration for other  people to take the
initiative and further strengthen the free software movement in our
country. You can read more about the install fest at www.ilug-tvm.org.
We also welcome you to join our mailing list -
ilug-tvm at googlegroups.com - and help us out with the increasing
support requests


"Be the change you wish to see in the world", M. K. Gandhi

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