[ubuntu-in] Intrepid sluggish on AMD Turion64 X2

Mir Nazim mirnazim at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 07:44:35 GMT 2008

Hey guys

Any one using Intrepid on AMD Turion64 X2. I have one laptop with AMD
Turion64 X2(1.6 GHz) and TI Radeon x1250 card.
Its sluggish. CPU Frequency Applet never shows more than 800 Mhz in
use. I tried upping it from the applet but no use. Plus it took more
than three hours to install.

Its slow. Right from the start. GDM takes 2-3 min to present login
screen then another 5 min to start the desktop after log in. Every app
takes anywhere between 1-5 min to start. Firefox is hell. It takes at
least 5-8 min to start and then approx 15 seconds to open tabs.

Boot times and Internet speed seems fine though.

Please confirm if this is the case with any one of you.

Mir Nazim
EMail/GTalk: mir.nazim at saunzal.org
Cell: +91 9469071855
Blog: http://saunzal.org

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